Bali adventure elephant safari ride

Bali adventure elephant safari ride is a great experience sitting on elephants in Bali through the cool natural forest. do not pass this rare tour during your holiday in Bali, We invite you to explore the beautiful scenery of our camp and wander for a trip down the edge of the valley with stunning views, natural green forest.

Our camp meets International Standards for animal care and is located in over 2 hectares of beautiful exotic botanical gardens, surrounded by national forests and green rice fields and is one of Bali's largest elephant conservation centres. You can visit elephants that are well preserved, and interact directly with these giant mammals.

The experience of riding elephants through the shady forest is certainly a bright spot for this tour, and make sure you bring your family to enjoy unique entertainment in Bali during your holiday.

We provide quality service while travelling at unbeatable prices for Bali Elephant Safari Ride in Bali. For those who love The Sumatran Elephant we provide several options to experience our Bali Elephant Safari Ride with the following options:

 Bali Elephant Ride at Elephant Camp

We bring you to get to experience the beautiful landscape of our camp with incredible views and fun ride Sumatran Elephant in Canagsari historic village. Bali Elephant Ride in Elephant Camp includes Return hotel transfer with air-conditioned car/van, professional Mahout, International standard safety equipment, cold face towel, set menu meals, soft drink and insurance cover.

Bali Elephant Ride at Taro Village

Getting the experience of sitting high atop an elephant in a teak wood chair for 30 minutes ride elephants through the cool jungle of Taro, is an experience you will never forget. witness live educational show and elephant painting, learn amazing facts from our information centre, museum and park staff.

Bali Elephant Ride in TARO includes: Return hotel transfer with air-conditioned car, professional Mahout, International standard safety equipment, park entrance, elephant talent show, safari ride, Feed the elephant, Gourmet lunch and Insurance cover.

Bali Elephant Safari Ride at Bali Safari Marine Park

Bali Elephant Safari Ride in Bali Safari is a remarkable experience as the largest land mammal in the world takes you on an African themed environment. Immerse your self in the beauty of this authentic setting and enjoy the opportunity of interacting with a number of other free-range African animals. In Bali, safari price included safari journey, welcome drink, Express line, freshwater aquarium, photo with animals, 30 minutes elephant back safari, animals show, souvenir.

Bali Elephant Ride in Bali Zoo

Bali Elephant Ride in Bali Zoo takes you to a scenic pathway that winds through parts of the zoo then outside the park where you can see where our elephants sleep and bathe. You will have a chance to hand feed and take pictures with them after rides as well as learn about the Sumatran Elephant from our experienced Mahout. Bali Elephant Safari Ride in Bali Zoo include Zoo admission, mini polish jungle waterplay, lunch, animal encounters, insurance.


Bali elephant ride