Holiday season is near this time one of bali tour operator company that is Aditya Bali Tours release bali tour package with promo price and combine with the best activity in bali.This package is flagship package that many selected by our customers who have little time to enjoy the holiday while in bali and also maximize the visit time in some attractions in bali.

   Bali tour package promo can also include pick up and delivery back to the airport at the end of the trip and also can combined by delivering the harbor if the customers using a fast boat to the islands outside of bali.We also provide motorbike and car rental to support your holiday in bali who want to explore bali without driver.

So we one stop shop companies about your holiday needed,dont be hesitate to ask for more information because our motto companies is " your satisfaction is our priority and your deal is our goal ".Bali tour package promo also can combine with entrance fee at the bali attraction and bali trip also the best activity you need in bali.Please feel free to ask for more information via email,whatsapps and other media you have it.

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Whatsapps :+6281936003030

Price          : $ 40 US/day max 10 hours

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