Transport from Bali airport to Gili islands

Aditya Bali Tours is one of local Bali tour operator provided many kinds of Bali tours and Bali transportation in Bali, Addition of our customers we release transport from Bali airport to Gili islands. With the best local Bali driver team, you feel the convenience of pick-up to delivery to your destination.

     With cheap and affordable prices transport from Bali airport to Gili island is included in the airport pick-up fee as well as fast boat tickets that will take you to the island you are headed. With the duration of the journey for 1,5 hours using the fast boat, you will arrive at the Gili island and for those who have a return ticket before you go to the hotel  where you stay should you confirm your return date to Bali to the staff of fast boat which will also explain the hours how much you have to have there at the local port to go back to Bali.

For those who have bought a return ticket when you come back to Bali, we will pick you up to the hotel to which you have in Bali, And you will feel easy and comfortable in choosing our service. Aditya Bali Tours also provide many kinds of Bali tour packages and can combine with transport from Bali airport to Gili islands.

For more information please feel free to ask via E-mail or WA, and don,t be hesitate to choose our service because our motto is " your satisfaction is our priority and your deal is our goal "

Price: - USD 65/return ticket

          - USD 35/one way 

Term and conditions:

- Make sure book one-day before

- Price includes return transport hotel transfer in Bali

- For those who have bought a return ticket please confirm your fast boat back to Bali when arrived at Gili islands


WA: +6281936003030

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Aditya Bali Tours