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Bali car rental agency
2018-11-28 22:15 282 View

Bali car rental agency

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Bali and its islands are one of the islands that are part of Indonesia where the majority of the people are Hindus and still maintain the traditions and uniqueness of their culture to date. There are many ways and options for enjoying a holiday in Bali, one of which is by renting a car without a driver or renting a car in Bali with a driver. We are one of the experienced Bali car rental agency that can also be your recommendation for renting self-drive cars.

With the latest fleet, we provide free shuttle services for vehicles that you rent at the airport or hotels around Kuta. So you will save on transportation costs to the hotel where you stay or return to the airport when your vacation has ended. For those of you who like an adventure from one tourist attraction to another tourist attraction in Bali, the choice of renting a car without a driver is the right choice because you drive your own car and can also at will to enjoy the time you need at a tourist attraction. besides that, the rental of self-drive cars also makes it easy for you to move from one hotel to another according to the tourist attractions you want to visit.

Bali also has many beautiful beaches where to hang out while enjoying the sunset and also as a place to channel surfing hobbies for those of you who are indeed surfers. For those of you who rent vehicles for us, you are not allowed to bring the vehicle you rented out of Bali. The Bali car rental agency also has a cheap tour package service that includes shuttle fees at the airport and entrance tickets at tourist attractions visited in Bali. for detailed information please contact us via E-mail or WhatsApp.

Price: USD 25/24hours

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Bali motor bike and car rental

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